What if you could...

  • Be more confident in your food and exercise choices
  • Enjoy wine and cheese when you feel like it
  • Stop getting sucked into fad diets
  • Make decisions about food, exercise, or your body without being controlled by the latest health trend
  • Appreciate your body exactly as it is

Helping YOU get rid of the guilt is my passion...

I created this course because I realized that not everyone who suffers from food, exercise, or body guilt needs to work 1:1 with a dietitian. BUT, everyone does deserve to be FREE from it!

As a result, I took 10 of my favorite activities and lessons that I use to help clients break free from food rules, dieting, and rigid habits and poured them into this course. This course was built to help you shift your mindset around your daily choices so you can embrace a lifestyle that fuels both your health AND a life that you love.

With Love & Health, Lexi

Food Guilt, No More Food Guilt, Food Stress, Food Anxiety, Food Fears, Bad Foods, No Bad Foods
No More Food Guilt

Are food thoughts taking over your brain? If you're constantly overthinking your choices or drowning in guilt afterward, these 5 self-paced lessons are for you! We tackle mindful eating, flexible choices, ENJOYING food, and more.

Intuitive Exercise, Exercise Guilt, Rest Days, Exercise Addcition
Say Goodbye to Exercise Guilt

Is a rigid exercise routine running your life? Sure, exercise is great but so is giving your body or yourself time away from the gym. In this module, we dive deep into what health actually is and how to use those days off to your health advantage.

Body Image, Positive Body Image, Negative Body Image, Body Neutrality, Body Appreciation
Break Free From Body Guilt

The journey to positive body image can be a tough one filled with guilt and shame. In this module, we get focused on achieving body neutrality and appreciation to avoid guilt and embrace where we are in our body right now.

The Get Rid of Guilt Lesson Plan:

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I've included a few bonuses too...

I love teaching about this topic so much that I wanted to include a few extras for you. When you join my "Get Rid of the Guilt Course," you'll also get access to...

  • A workbook of activities to help you get rid of the guilt
  • A 5-minute meditation on body acceptance
  • My "Fuel Your Fit Life" Guide